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Business opportunities in high-to-extreme risk environments have critical security requirements. Accurately assessing these requirements is essential before making major decisions.

Threat Vulnerability Assessment

Secure Pointe understands high-risk challenges, and advises its clients on how to best protect its personnel, assets and reputation. Our firm possesses a network of analysts throughout the Latin American Region capable of providing the specific information required by the client to make those crucial decisions in a complex environment.

The cornerstone to any proper security consulting project is the preparation of an effective threat vulnerability assessment, Secure Pointe's risk-based analysis tool. The threat assessment provides the client with a clear understanding of the risk exposure, and the necessary steps required to mitigate or reduce the impact of the identified threats.

Multi-phased projects require an understanding of the multiple levels of risk that the project faces (from both natural and human sources); and the detailed security plan required to reduce those risks and meet its business objectives.

Case Study: Risk Analysis for a Project in Colombia

Two major multinational companies were involved in a significant water treatment project in Colombia. The plant construction site was in an area controlled by an active insurgency group, and the local population was less than enthusiastic about the project. In-country analysts determined the priorities of the particular insurgency front, and learned that the locals were agitated by a lack of electricity, clean drinking water and jobs.

A community action program was designed and implemented to gain local support. Six months later, the local population was integrated into the project, had improved basic services, and additional school classrooms and a local health clinic was constructed. Three months further into the project, the insurgency group sent a letter to the project site — not presenting an extortion demand, but rather approving of the treatment of the surrounding community.

Case Study: Risk Analysis for a Project in Brazil

A European-Brazilian joint venture required the construction and on-time completion of a wastewater treatment plant in a densely populated and impoverished area of Sao Paolo.

Working closely with local Brazilian subcontractors, the risk analysis team compiled information that supported the client's development of an effective project management strategy that allowed the completion of the project on time and within budget.

We can perform a Risk Analysis for your assets anywhere in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Secure Pointe

At Secure Pointe we believe that cultural specialization matters in security and risk management. In fact, we believe it is critical.

This is why we focus on the Latin American market, applying deep regional experience, linguistic ability, and cultural knowledge to help our clients navigate the often complex situations that confront them in the region.

Our focus allows us to provide our clients with solutions that are not only based on a deeper understanding of the environment, but also solutions which are less likely to result in friction points within the cultures where they operate.

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