Individual Awareness

We can identify and mitigate the risks to your executives (and their families).

Security Awareness Seminar

We offer three levels of instruction for companies with executives in high-risk areas.

The two-hour introductory course is designed to acquaint expatriate business professionals, their families and international travelers with the risks of abduction. Aside from informing seminar participants about the existing risks, we will convey practical information to equip them with proven counter-actions that will help to better protect them and their families.

The four-hour training seminar is designed for business professionals, their families and global travelers, who live, work and travel in adverse environments where a pervading threat to their safety exists. The goal of this class is to thoroughly inform participants about the existing risks, and deliver comprehensive training to reduce these risks by taking proactive countermeasures at the individual level.

Our Advanced training course expands upon all of the course material from the Level II class and incorporates it with a two-hour block of Practical Application Exercises. The entire six-hour course is a dynamic fusion of classroom instruction and innovative exercises where participants are placed in an controlled, outdoor environment and given direct, hands-on training.

Our Security Awareness Seminars are given by a member of Secure Pointe’s team of security consultants, are scheduled based on demand, and are held at a time and place convenient to you.

Executive Security Awareness Program

The highest level of training we can deliver to an executive and their family (or a high net worth individual) is our Executive Security Awareness Program (ESAP).

Unlike the Security Awareness Seminar, the ESAP evaluates the local security risks that threaten a specific person and their family, and over two days gives them the strategies to avoid a kidnap for ransom.

Day One includes briefings discussing the threats and security principles to reduce risk; a joint examination of the executives' residence, place of work and daily routine to identify security weaknesses, vulnerable points, danger areas and high-risk occasions. Consultants will provide a one-on-one personal security awareness briefing that addresses mitigating risks involving the executives’ and his or her family while at home, the office and daily routines

Day Two includes Mobile Security Procedures for anyone who drives privately owned vehicles. Subjects to be covered include route selection; observation and hazard identification; practical driving including anti-surveillance and anti ambush maneuvers, pontingency planning and hostage survival. There will be a two-hour classroom session follow by practical driving exercises.

We can identify and mitigate the risks to your executives (and their families) anywhere in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Secure Pointe

At Secure Pointe we believe that cultural specialization matters in security and risk management. In fact, we believe it is critical.

This is why we focus on the Latin American market, applying deep regional experience, linguistic ability, and cultural knowledge to help our clients navigate the often complex situations that confront them in the region.

Our focus allows us to provide our clients with solutions that are not only based on a deeper understanding of the environment, but also solutions which are less likely to result in friction points within the cultures where they operate.

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