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Raising the skill level of your drivers leads to fewer accidents. With greater control of the vehicles, your drivers will also become much better prepared to address security threats, whenever they may arise.

Secure Pointe's Driver Training Team

Secure Pointe has a mobile training team called the Advanced Skills Training & Consulting Group (AST&CG). Its members travel throughout Latin America training security and law enforcement professionals.

The team is drawn from U.S. and U.K. special operations, law enforcement, and federal agencies.

Every member of the team has managed large-scale secure transportation and executive protection teams in locations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, and Mexico for both the U.S. and U.K. governments as well the oil and gas industry.

They hold multiple certificates and training credentials including the Gold Certification of the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents, and are published authors on the topics of safety and tactical driving.

This team is available to train your drivers in defensive driving and as security drivers, as described below.

Three Levels of Defensive Driver Training

Our Defensive Driving Training curricula are designed to provide three levels of training for drivers operating in High Threat and/or High Crime Environments. Each level of our ten-hour Certified training curriculums is designed to enhance the driver’s ability to maintain advance vehicle control and carry out recognized security procedures, identify hazards and threats, and take appropriate actions when necessary.

Secure Pointe's Certified instructors will present the driver with the principles for advanced vehicular operation to react properly in a threat situation and significantly reduce the risk to the occupants of the vehicle. The concepts presented during the Level I, II, & III two-hour classroom curriculums will serve as the foundation for the follow-on eight hours of practical driving exercises, which take place on the track for Level I & II, and on-road for Level III during the afternoon portion of the training curriculums.

Defensive Driving Training is intended for local and international business professionals, high net worth individuals, law enforcement, military, and executive protection professionals.

We hold these courses throughout Latin America and will schedule them at your request. We will conduct as much of the training at your own facilities as practical, to maximize the time your drivers are available to perform their fundamental responsibilities.

Security Driver Training

This Protective Driving course is taught in a hands-on fashion specifically designed to meet the needs of professional security drivers. Our expert trainers supply the participants with the information, skills, techniques and defensive methods necessary for safe and secure executive transportation. These skills are reached using our building-block approach to training, which incorporates classroom lectures with carefully designed but very active hands-on driving exercises.

Courses are taught in a relaxed, friendly environment, and class sizes kept small to ensure individualized attention and ample time behind the wheel. Courses can be modified to meet the client’s specific needs.

Students must reach clearly defined goals and objectives in order to successfully complete the 3-day Security Driver course.

An optional fourth day of certified medical training is available, empowering trainees to provide immediate field care. This training is conducted by former U.S. Special Forces medics, physician assistants, and nurses who specialize in training security professionals.

We offer these training courses periodically in Mexico and Guyana. We can also schedule training courses for your company’s drivers at a time and venue convenient to you.

Secure Pointe

At Secure Pointe we believe that cultural specialization matters in security and risk management. In fact, we believe it is critical.

This is why we focus on the Latin American market, applying deep regional experience, linguistic ability, and cultural knowledge to help our clients navigate the often complex situations that confront them in the region.

Our focus allows us to provide our clients with solutions that are not only based on a deeper understanding of the environment, but also solutions which are less likely to result in friction points within the cultures where they operate.

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