Worst case: prepared

The risk of a crisis or emergency response incident may manifest into an actual incident at any time, in any country. The value of sound contingency planning is important, and provides duty-of-care for employees and executives travelling or working internationally.

Managing Difficult Incidents

Our crisis management consultants work with clients to develop the necessary contingency planning skills for an emergency response, or a crisis such as a kidnap, extortion or illegal detention, and can provide on-call 24/7 expert advice during challenging incidents.

For multinational companies with a medium-to-high risk, we typically work with clients at the corporate headquarters and in-country levels. Planning is tailored to address the local realities and draw upon in-country knowledge and experience.

Planning and Training

We have decades of experience writing crisis management plans and training crisis management teams to prepare them to manage an emergency response incident or a crisis that includes kidnap for ransom and extortion situations. Semi-live simulations and table top exercises are an important part of the training, and can be delivered separately to validate the performance and adaptability of the company's crisis management or emergency response teams.

We help our clients avoid common pitfalls that exacerbate crises and can put lives further at risk.

Crisis Management Plan Development and Training

An effective plan for handling a crisis must include:

  • A robust notification system
  • Team selection and structure
  • Objectives and policy development
  • Tabletop crisis simulation exercises, to validate the plan
  • Customized advanced training for specific team members

Every plan that we develop is customized to the client, and tailored to meet the client's specific requirements.

We currently offer Crisis Management anywhere in Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Secure Pointe

At Secure Pointe we believe that cultural specialization matters in security and risk management. In fact, we believe it is critical.

This is why we focus on the Latin American market, applying deep regional experience, linguistic ability, and cultural knowledge to help our clients navigate the often complex situations that confront them in the region.

Our focus allows us to provide our clients with solutions that are not only based on a deeper understanding of the environment, but also solutions which are less likely to result in friction points within the cultures where they operate.

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